Dear friends, Hello I’m Lupi~♥

What does the website title mean?

I was very far from literature. Still, there were two impressive poems in high school literature class. One piece is “Flower” written by Kim Chun-soo. Since I was a child, I have loved naming names so much. In this poem, there is a line, “When I called his name, he came to me and became a flower.” I really liked the phrase. The second piece is Cheon Sang-byeong’s “Gwicheon”. It was impressive that the poem expressed life as a picnic.
So, I decided to enjoy my life as if I was on a picnic.
I am pretty a dreamer and have a lot of interests in various fields. I didn’t do one for a long time, and I quickly lost interest or became interested in new things. This taste of mine seemed to have no persistence. I thought this was a big problem. However, after reading the book “Renaissance Soul,” I learned that there are people like this, and that this is not wrong, but something different. From then on, I no longer denied myself and was able to accept myself as I am.

The name of this website reflects that meanings.

What is the website about?

This website is the archives for my personal records. Sometimes the topic is inconsistent, but I would appreciate it if you enjoyed it.

The first content is a “book Journey“. This is a record of what I took notes while reading the book. I wrote down what seems important so that I don’t have to look at the book again.

And I’m planning to post information about perfume, black tea, etc. later.

Ready to go on a picnic with me? ^^